Designing Your Walls With The People You Love

We Just Want You To Be You

Thousand Word Photography is a brand new studio in Bridge City, Tx. What matters to us is people. People and their honest, true to you personalities.  It is our goal here to capture the very essence of your personality. It is our goal to make sure that everyone involved in the session has a chance to let their individual personality shine.

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A lot goes into choosing just the right person to work with your family. Above all I will strive to both understand and have patience with your children. As they each no matter how tiny have their own special personalities. I understand that it can be a big and stressful decision. Also, if there is any information you cannot find here, please sign up for a FREE consultation. We can use that time to answer any questions you may have.








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As the saying goes, “I’m only one person”, this means I can only do so much and I can only take so many clients. So schedule your free consultation with Thousand Word Photography today to see if our styles and personalities are a good fit to allow us to work together.  We’ll brainstorm ideas, start a Pinterest board and see what we can come up to match your home, your personality and your family.